Bad Omens Singer wishes their latest album was everyone’s introduction to the band

You may have only discovered Bad omens recently, and there’s probably a good reason for that. In a new interview with Loudwire nights host Toni Gonzalez, vocalist Noah Sebastian admitted that he wished everyone’s introduction to them was their 2022 album, The death of peace of mind.

Prior to this latest album, the rockers released two other records – their self-titled debut in 2016 and 2019’s To find God before God finds me. However, they had a slightly different sound.

“I wish this record was everyone’s first exposure to us,” Sebastian admitted. “I think this record is so much more unique and just special. I feel like we really found, not ourselves, but just the way we want to make music now, with this record.”

The frontman recalled that their sonic evolution was set in motion when they released a deluxe edition of To find God before God finds me, especially because they worked with producer friend Erik Ron, who inspired him to be more confident in his singing.

“He really pushed me, in a way, to be more confident with my voice and to, like, find my voice in a truer way to what it really sounds like, compared to what I was doing before, where I was really trying to strain it and make it sound rough. [I was] trying too hard to imitate other people instead of just focusing on what I really sound like. From there it just snowballed. I became more and more confident and comfortable using what became what my voice really sounds like, and it ended up being for the better,” described Sebastian.

As a result, songs from death of the mind, including “Like a Villain” and the self-titled track, have become staples of their live sets. In fact, they don’t play the majority of their older songs live anymore because they know that many of their fans prefer the new material over the old.

“I definitely think nobody has any complaints, even our older fans, because our top song on Spotify — or, I guess it used to be our top song — we don’t even play it live anymore,” the singer continued. “And I don’t think I’ve seen one comment on YouTube or tweets or anything like, ‘Why don’t you play this song?’ It’s your best song.” I think everyone is ready to walk past it with us.”

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