Watch Axl Rose + Tracii Guns play Led Zeppelin with Shark Island in 1986

It was not unusual to see musicians performing with various bands in Los Angeles during the 1980s. Traci Gunsthat inspired “Guns” i Guns ‘n’ Roses before leaving the band in 1985, he shared a video of himself and Axel Rose player Led Zeppelin‘s “Rock and Roll” with fellow rockers Shark Island in ’86.

The footage was taken by Marc Canter [via Blabbermouth]who spent a lot of time documenting Guns N’ Roses’ early days on the Sunset Strip, and was a good friend of Slash. The show took place at Gazzarri’s on April 26, 1986, so Guns was already out of GN’R by then.

Guns recently shared a clip from the live collaboration on his Instagram, although he wrote that it took place in 1985, which is incorrect. Watch his clip as well as the full video below.

Shark Island was considered Gazzarri’s “husband” at the time, and vocalist Richard Black later claimed that Rose had stolen his signature snake dance move.

“Many popular bands and personalities came to see Shark Island, that’s a fact, and many took elements home with them for their stage shows or album covers, or wardrobe… oh yes, I’m flattered… nothing that could have changed the path of my career,” Black told Melodic Rock in 2006, which was rebroadcast on My GNRForum.

“But that good-for-nothing Axl Rose, he’s really a piece of garbage. As far as I’m concerned, he’s never done anything original in his life. Him and his buddies came every week and watched the show.”

On the same forum, Canter defended Rose, acknowledging that the singer was probably inspired by Black, but didn’t rip him off.

“Axl had plenty of moves before he even heard of Shark Island. Axl liked Richard and thought the band was very professional because they used to play 200 shows a year,” he wrote.

“The snake move was something that Richard did and Axl must have been a little bit influenced by that and picked it up and at some point worked it into all his other moves. It’s not that Axl ripped him off. Lots of rock stars are influenced by something they see and use it in some way. Mick Jagger got a lot of them from Tina Turner.”

Watch Axl Rose + Tracii Guns play Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock and Roll’ With Shark Island in 1986

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