M. Shadows believes ‘selling multiple versions’ of album to boost charts is ‘fan abuse’

This week, Afenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows equated the practice of artists selling multiple versions of an album to gain a better position on the charts to what he called “Fan Abuse”.

And although the rock star didn’t necessarily highlight Taylor Swifther fans on Twitter allegedly came after him anyway, according to a subsequent report from Metal hammer.

For context, Swift, a major pop star, is currently selling three different versions of her latest album, last month’s Midnights — a standard version, a Exclusive target rendering and 03.00 edition.

Here’s what Shadows had to say about the trend.

“Selling multiple versions, repackages and bundles of your album to the same fan so you can get a chart position that nobody cares about and get manipulated should be called for what it is….. Fan abuse,” The Avenged Seven-time lead vocalist tweeted Monday (November 7). (See the series of tweets down toward the bottom of this post.)

Expanding on the concept, Shadows added: “A lot of options are fine. This is when it becomes: buy the vinyl for ticket discounts… buy CD version 1 for an extra track. Buy first week 8 track for an exclusive t-shirt. Its [sic] all crap to make you buy the same crap to pump numbers. It’s fucked!”

Taylor Swift fans latch onto M. Shadows’ tweet

Shadow’s comments apparently sparked “Swifties” — a cute colloquial name for Taylor Swift fans. In his subsequent Twitter responses, the Avenged Sevenfold singer marveled at the amount of Taylor Swift comments he received in response to his “Fan Abuse” remark.

“I was actually trying to figure out how a bunch of little kids started commenting on my post,” Shadows said. “Now I see all the tailors [sic] fans think I’m talking about her because they’ve all bought multiples of the same album. … I gotta love the twitter cult!”

Hours later, he added: “I wasn’t [sic] even talking about Taylor… literally the furthest thing from my mind. … But don’t [sic] do you think it’s weird that a fan base is so upset about my tweet that doesn’t mention anyone?”

M. Shadows has no problem with Taylor Swift

Shadows doesn’t seem to have any beef with Swift. In another response, he called the pop star a “really great artist and she deserves it.” He also added some levity to the discussion overall by saying, “I’m used to being misunderstood on the bird app… Part of the fun.”

The Avenged Sevenfold singer has plenty of other obvious views on the music industry. In the past few months, he has noticed “loudness wars”, streaming services’ place in the music industryhow Kanye West influenced Avenged Sevenfold and which Guns N’ Roses album deserves more credit.

Avenged Sevenfold fans who follow Shadows on Twitter probably know the metal band has been too working on a new albumtheir follow-up to the 2016s The scene, for the last few years. Shadows previously suggested that it would come out late this year or early next.

M. Shadow’s “Fan Abuse” Tweets – Nov. 7, 2022

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