August Burns Red Drop Crushes ‘Ancestry’ Song Featuring Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach, Announces New Album

Things may be a little dark in the world these days, but August burns red have the perfect song to fit the mood and they’ve had some help from Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach to give you the ultimate crusher you could use at this point in history. The song is titled “Ancestry” and you should turn it up in the player down towards the middle of this post.

“Ancestry” is the first single to arrive from the upcoming Death below album and guitarist JB Brubaker says, “‘Ancestry’ is a complex and technical ABR track held together by perhaps the most painful and personal lyrics Jake [Luhrs] ever wrote. I loved this song in every phase since its inception. From the instrumental rendition, to the lyrics and vocals being added, to finally bringing it all together with Jesse’s anthemic guest vocals, ‘Ancestry’ is a song we’ve been looking forward to sharing with the world for a long time.”

The song is also accompanied by a rather emotionally intense video in which Jake Luhrs experiences a range of emotions hovering over a loved one at a hospital bed. You can watch the David Brodsky-directed clip and see the lyrics to the song below.

August Burns Red (with Jesse Leach), “Ancestry” text

Left behind

You chose to leave
Now it seems you are leaving your family
There is a hollow in your ribs
Where your heart used to be

I have collected what is left of you
Connecting your pieces to my memories
Hope they would ignite some emotions
But they will not inspire sympathy

The hollow point may have torn you apart
You disregard the damage you would deal
Rest in peace to our ancestors
That you maimed and scarred

My judgment is clouded by the blood we share

We built our truth on top of all these lies
I still see the good in life
It is not the end even if you see the light
See you on the other side

Maybe one day you won’t care
But that is not my cross to bear

I didn’t skip a beat
When I heard the news that you
You couldn’t get on your feet
All I have is apathy
Just another day of not knowing what to believe
Another tale another story
A lifetime of lies

I wish I had the words to say I love you.
I’m not sure I understand what they mean when I think of you

I have no words for you

When I needed you, you wouldn’t even hear it
You have made your choices
You will live with them even if we are gone

It is impossible to find what is real in all these fables
Can’t see through the wrath you’ve activated

The pain you have inflicted on yourself
Won’t respond to everyone else’s pain
I always wanted things to be different

Even if you see the light
See you on the other side

We built our truth on top of all these lies
I still see the good in life
It is not the end even if you see the light
See you on the other side

August Burns Red (with Jesse Leach), “Ancestry”

As mentioned, “Ancestry” is featured on the band’s upcoming album, Death belowwhich is due March 24 via SharpTone Records.

“It’s no secret that the last few years have been extremely dark and challenging,” says Brubaker. “Death below is here as a result of that time in each of our lives and the emotions that came with it. We were motivated by uncertainty, fear, outrage and triumph. I feel like this is the darkest, most personal album we’ve ever written, and I couldn’t be more proud of what the five of us made together.”

In addition to their collaboration with Leach, the album also features guest appearances by guitarist Jason Richardson, ERRA’s JT Cavey and Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain. Mark 24 March in your calendar and get your pre-orders in at this location now. That Death below artwork and tracklist can be found below.

August burns red, Death below Album images + track list

August burns red, death under the album picture

Sharptone Records

1. “Premonition”
2. “The Cleansing”
3. “Ancestry” (feat. Jesse Leach)
4. “Tightrope” (feat. Jason Richardson)
5. “Fool’s Gold in the Bear Trap”
6. “Backlash”
7. “resuscitation”
8. “Sevink”
9. “Dark Divide”
10. “Deadbolt”
11. “The Abyss” (Feat. JT Cavey)
12. “Reckoning” (feat. Spencer Chamberlain)

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