Artists Answer – Which song are you most proud of?

For Louder Than Life 2022, we caught up with a bunch of bands to ask them which of their songs they’re most proud of. Here’s what Lamb of God, In flames, Mastodon, Tetrarch and more had to say.

Lamb of God Randy Blythe named “King Me” from the 2012s Solution as the lyrical content he is most proud of. “That song is about me opening my eyes when I got sober and trying not to be such a self-centered dick,” Blythe shared. “And I also think the lyrics are beautiful.”

Tetrarch had a number of answers to our questions with the guitarist Diamond Rowe gives a nod to “I’m not right.” “You know a lot of bands, when they come out with an album or songs, you listen to it so much, while you’re writing it, recording it, you never listen again? ‘I’m Not Right’ I still listen to for pleasure , and it just came out exactly how I wanted it to come out, which is rare.” Tetrarch front man Josh Fore ended up naming “Freak”, bringing the band into their groove-driven style.

Sevendust‘s Jon Witherspoon talked about the song “Shine” and its extremely personal meaning. “[I wrote it] about my little brother who went… who was killed. I wish he was able to be here, alive, to be with me and to see what we’ve done.”

See what each band had to say in the video below.

Which song are you most proud of?

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