The artist urges to escape the fate of ripping off his cover art for another band

Escape fate have been called out after the artwork they used to tease new single “H8 Myself” closely mirrored that of the single artwork the band used Dead Letter Circus for their 2010 song “Cage.” Artist Cameron Gray drew attention to the similarities, originally creating the “Cage” artwork, claiming he was approached by the band about his album art, only to recently see a variation of his images appear , promoting Escape the Fate’s upcoming single.

“Disappointed today to find out a great band that I have enjoyed and admired for years have ripped off my art, especially after they approached me to ask [sic] about my album cover,” Gray stated in a Facebook secondment. “I always keep these things private, but this one really stings as it was artwork I created for Warner Bros and Dead Letter Circus, which I have a deep love and respect for as they helped me become who I am today. And personally as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten tired of protecting people’s shitty behavior.”

Gray then proceeded to show the original Dead Letter Circus “Cage” artwork side by side with the new Escape the Fate “H8 Myself” artwork.

As seen, the Dead Letter Circus cover on the right has a figure minus a face, with the face piece held in a hand looking back at the body. The Escape the Fate artwork also features a faceless figure who in turn is holding a face looking back, but the eyes of the looking back face are taped over and the band’s logo sits between the two figures.

The Escape the Fate artwork in question teased the new song “H8 Myself” for a Jan. 27 is released, but at press time the teaser of the single with the artwork no longer appears on the band’s website or social media platforms. However, that hasn’t stopped commenters from posting Gray’s comment Other things Escape the fate Facebook posts.

Escape the Fate steps up to new music after previously releasing 2021’s Chemical warfare album. It has been quiet with Dead Letter Circus on the new music front, with the band most recently releasing a self-titled set in 2018.

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