Watch Kane Roberts Return to Alice Cooper’s Band: Video, Set List

Alice Cooper kicked his off autumn US tour on Wednesday at the Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, Pa., marking his first show with the guitarist Kane Roberts since 1988.

You can watch video from the performance and see the full set list below.

The 23-song set included three tracks from Roberts’ first run with the shock-rock icon — 1986’s “Teenage Frankenstein” and “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” Constrictor and “Roses on White Lace” from 1987 Raise your fist and shout – even though they have been regular features on the set list on recent road trips.

Roberts returned with his trademark machine gun guitar, but it was spitting smoke instead of fire this time. Introducing the band at the end of the show, Cooper said: “The beast is back – Kane Roberts!” As they took their bows, Cooper put his top hat on the guitarist’s head, but it fell off. When the bandleader had left the stage, Roberts’ colleagues made him take an extra bow.

Watch Alice Cooper Introduce Kane Roberts (7:00 Mark)

With his Rambo-like physique, signature machine-gun guitar and songwriting chops, Roberts played a pivotal role in Cooper’s metallic era of the late ’80s. He played in the shock rocker’s band from 1985 to 1988 and co-wrote almost all the songs on Constrictor and Raise your fist and shout.

The reappointed Roberts’ replacement Nita Strausswho joined Cooper’s touring band in 2014. Strauss announced in July that she would not be joining Cooper on his fall tour and revealed a few days later that she had come along Demi Lovato‘s touring band; Cooper at the same time announced Robert’s return. Strauss insistedhowever, that her exit from Cooper’s band was not necessarily permanent and she could see herself playing with him next year if their schedules align.

Watch Kane Roberts’ Guitar Solo

“There’s no closing a door and a changing of the guard, it’s just me taking a little step back,” Strauss told Higher. “Depending on what the schedule looks like next year, I might have the chance to come back, I might not. But it certainly doesn’t feel as final to me and to the people in Alice’s band and inner circle as it has been portrayed out in the world .”

Roberts is also keeping an open mind about the possibility of extending his time at Cooper. “Well, I want to record and sing with him. … Right now it’s five weeks … there’s a kind of semblance of perfection to it, right? It has a beginning and an end to it.” he told Vinyl Writer Music. “But if it evolves past that, there will be reasons why it should, and if it doesn’t, there will be reasons why it shouldn’t.”

Alice Cooper, 9/7/22, Wind Creek Event Center, Bethlehem, Pa.

1. “Feed My Frankenstein”
2. “No More Mr. “Nice Guy”
3. “Bed of Nails”
4. “Hey Stoopid”
5. “In Love”
6. “Be My Lover”
7. “House of Fire”
8. “Under My Wheels”
9. “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)”
10. “Go To Hell”
11. “I’m Eighteen”
12. “Married”
13. “Billion Dollar Babies”
14. “Roses on White Lace”
15. “My Stars”
16. “Devil’s Food”
17. “Black Widow Jam”
18. “Steven”
19. “Dead Babies”
20. “I Love the Dead”
21. “Escape”
22. “Teenage Frankenstein”
23. “School’s Out”

Watch Alice Cooper Perform ‘I’m Eighteen’

Watch Alice Cooper Perform ‘Steven’, ‘Dead Babies’ and ‘Teenage Frankenstein’

Watch Alice Cooper Perform ‘School’s Out’

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