Alice Cooper calls Jeff Beck the greatest guitarist of all time, recalls opening for the Yardbirds when he was 16

Alice Cooper is one of the many musicians in the rock ‘n’ roll world who have posted on social media to show their respect to legendary guitarist Jeff BeckWHO died on Tuesday (January 10) aged 78. In his post, Cooper called the late rocker the greatest guitarist of all time and recalled opening for The Yardbirds when he was just 16.

One of the earliest renditions of Cooper’s band, when he was still in high school and known as Vincent Furnier, was called The Spiders. In Cooper’s tweet, he said The Spiders were opening for The Yardbirds, of whom Beck was a member from 1965 to ’66, after the departure of Eric Clapton.

“When I was 16 years old, The Spiders, who became the original Alice Cooper band, opened for the Yardbirds. That night I experienced the greatest guitarist I had ever heard. Half a century later, Jeff Beck is still the greatest guitarist, PERIOD “, Cooper wrote. “The greatest ever. He was a friend and there will NEVER be another Jeff Beck. Ever.”

It is not the first time Cooper has considered Beck the world’s best guitarist. During a video interview from a few years ago, Cooper confirmed that 1966 was the year The Spiders opened for The Yardbirds and explained how the show came about.

“We played a local place called the VIP Club. Every band played The Beatles or some played The Rolling Stones, we were The Yardbirds’ band. We played all the Yardbirds’ songs,” the shock rocker recalled. “As the house band, big bands from England would come. So we open for The Yardbirds – the real Yardbirds with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Pageboth in the band.”

“Everybody says, ‘Who’s the best guitar player?’ That’s what did it for me,” he continued, describing his memory of Beck holding the guitar in front of him and playing triplets while slowly dropping it to the back of his hand in his hand. “He catches it right on the last note where it feeds back, and we’re like, ‘What? That’s impossible!’ That was 1966, so how good is Jeff Beck now… He’s probably, technically, the best player.”

See the interview clip below.

Alice Cooper calls Jeff Beck the greatest guitarist of all time

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