25 albums that turn 25 in 2023

1998 was a year of new beginnings for many rock legends, and also a year in which some struggled to maintain their status.

Kiss made their first new album with the original lineup since the 1979s Dynasty, continues to capitalize on the reunion that had only begun on the scene two years earlier with a lucrative tour. But the lyrics didn’t tell the true story, as fans would learn in the following years that there were almost no moments where all four originals were actually in the same room for Psychic circus.

It was more of a proper reunion then Jimmy Page and Robert Plant returned to the studio to create their first full album of new and original material since their days together in Led Zeppelin.

REM coped with the loss of longtime drummer Bill Berry, but when they finished making Upthey began to realize that the change had brought with it some positive reverberations.

Van Halen ending an extremely tumultuous period which found them switching from Sammy Hagar to David Lee Roth (short) and finally, Gary Cherone of Extreme. It was Cherone who drew the short straw Van Halen III. While the combination looked promising on paper, the California veterans received a different reaction than they might have expected. Which made the existence of Roth’s DLR tape album (released earlier this year) a welcome surprise.

Looking back, 1998 was a year of adventure for many classic rock artists. In our list of 25 albums turning 25 in 2023, we look back chronologically at the journey that took place when they were released.

25 albums that turn 25 in 2023

Some rockers enjoyed a new beginning, while others struggled to maintain their elite status.

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