50 Cent says he wishes Tony Yayo would have blown up instead of him

50 cents has said he wants his G-Unit to sign Tony Yayo would have blown up instead of him.

The comments are made in an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, where 50 Cent said he and his G-Unit entourage simply decided to stick together after the success of his breakthrough 2003 album Get rich or die trying’.

“My solo album took off so much that I just brought them along,” said 50. “So obviously I was the one who created an opportunity for everyone else in the crew, but we were all together. I wish it would have been Yayo, because then I could have done the whole business. If he would have done what 50 Cent did, I would have run it all.”

He continued, “It would still be the two of us. He would still be 50 Cent as an artist and I would be the biggest asset to us.”

The bond between Yayo and 50 Cent has always been deep, and the G-Unit member most recently showered Fiddy with praise last August.and he helped him “survive a lot of shit”.

The comments were made in an interview with Only Way Out PodcastYayo reflected back on Death of Pop Smoke and 6ix9ine’s RICO caseadding that the only reason he was able to avoid similar dangerous situations was because of important tips 50 dropped when he was a young rapper.

“There used to be 14 guns on the bus Bobby Shmurda and them n-ggas, we used to run around like that,” Yayo said around 28 minutes. “You got to be smart, you got a n-gga like Fif around helping us survive a lot of shit. Because he’ll be like, ‘Yo, if you’re going to bring a gun, why the hell are you going? Just go party at my mansion, I’m not even there. Just take over my mansion.”

He continued: “He’ll tell you, ‘You know, you got a girl in your room who’s a stranger. Don’t get these girls pregnant on the road, because I’ve seen n-ggas do that.’

50 Cent reveals that he is reuniting with Dr. Dre for his new album

Elsewhere in his interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, 50 Cent also announced that he is started working on one 8 miles TV series to help further Eminem‘s already bulletproof “legacy,” though details are currently sparse.

“I will bring – I bring, 8 miles to TV,” 50 Cent said, confirming that Em is aware of his plans.

“We’re in motion,” 50 said after being asked what stage of production the show is in. “It’s going to be big. I’m working. I don’t have any duds. I’m hitting 100 … I think it should be there for [Eminem’s] heritage because it is important to me that they understand that.”

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