50 Cent reacts to ‘In Da Club’ being played at Ja Rule concert

50 cents has given an answer to the latest viral video of his hit song “In Da Club” playing Before Yes rule took the stage at a concert last month.

On Tuesday (Jan. 10), the G-Unit Records boss took to Twitter when he got word of the clip, which shows a crowd watching Ja’s team set up the stage as “In Da Club” blared in the room. 50 wasted no time commenting on the situation, reveling in its awkwardness.

The Queens legend said he wished he was behind the incident that night. “LOL now that’s some fun shit,” 50 said in his tweet. “I wish I had something to do with that http://gunitbrands.com.”

Watch 50 Cent’s response below:

The Murder Inc. rapper was set to take the stage at Power 106.9’s Jingle Jam at Baxter Arena in Omaha, Nebraska, in December when 50’s 2003 hit began playing through the venue’s speakers.

In a clip that found its way online, members of Ja’s team rushed around the stage to stop the song. One person rushed to the microphone and said: “Stop the show right here,” before another demanded: “Yeah, cut that shit!”

In another video, a fan proclaimed 50 Cent’s dominance in his long-running feud with Ja Rule while enjoying the moment.

“Only in Omaha will they play 50 on Ja Rule shit,” said the fan as “In Da Club” blared throughout the arena. “They’re trying to get it cut off right now… That n-gga 50’s still winning!”

50 Cent and Ja Rule’s beef goes back as far as the late ’90s, when they had several run-ins with each other, including when Ja was said to have been hostile towards his rival at a club, and when 50 was allegedly stabbed . inside Hit Factory in New York City by Murder Inc. rapper Black Child.

In the early-to-mid 2000s, the two diss records tossed back and forth, along with Ja hurling allegations of snitching at 50 and obtain an order of protection from a judge. Despite the rumors, 50 was able to topple Ja and the Murder Inc. crew, thanks to his relentless trolling and heavyweight album sales.

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During an interview with HipHopDX in 2020, Ja Rule called 50 Cent a liar after people believed the media mogul bought 200 front-row tickets to one of his shows in 2018 to keep them empty.

“It’s the cap, yo!” I said then. “He hangs up. King of the cap, n-gga. I tell the n-ggas, I say, ‘Yo, I got 10 stacks right now to anyone who can find footage of this bullshit that this n-gga is talking about.’ Look, we live in a world of shit, everything’s on video. Come on man. Stop being silly, man!”

He continued, “Even the thought of it is still stupid, because n-gga, all you did if you did that was put money in my pocket. And what do you think the promoter’s going to do? Got an empty room? You let n-ggas in for free or recharge them! That’s the dumbest shit ever, yo. But yeah, it’s the cap. Never happened.”

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