50 Cent explains how Master P got him early in his career

50 cents has revisited a moment early in his career where Master P could have gotten one over on him, thanks to his ability to see where Fif was going.

During a performance at Big Boy’s Neighborhood earlier this month, 50 Cent was asked about his thoughts on P’s latest public spat with son Romeo Miller. The G-Unit mogul responded that unlike the situation between him and his son Marquisehe expects the Millers will be able to find their way back to the close relationship they once shared.

Fif then went on to praise Master P’s business acumen, revealing that his first tour came about thanks to the No Limit Records founder. But 50 Cent suspects he was outbid in the process.

“What I will say about P is he was smooth,” 50 Cent continued. “He came, he gave me the money for the eight shows, right? We did four of them. He said, ‘Oh man, something happened, we’re going to have to take a break. We’ll just come back and do the other four later.’ When I came back to do the other four, I’d already sold two million records. He’d already paid me, so I had to do shows. He knew! He said, ‘This muthafucka’s on fire! This thing’s going off.’ “

Although he did not discuss the details of their arrangement, Master P detailed bankrolling 50s first tour following the success of his 2002 single “Wanksta” during an interview with VLAD TV in 2014.

“To be honest with you, I was the first one to put 50 Cent on tour. I paid for his tour. His first tour,” said Master P. “He had a hot record. I had the money to put out for the trip. I set out for the tour.”

Although P financed 50 Cent’s first tour, he said that due to his low-key demeanor, he did not associate too much with the rapper during the tour, despite the two artists being on good terms.

“I mean we were around each other a lot back then because I paid for the trip,” he said. “We were cool. I’ve never been a person who just hangs out with people so – like I’ve always been a loner, man. No disrespect to anybody. I just – Everybody’s got their own thing. We’ve never been no groupies or anything like that. You know? It’s like my girlfriend when I see you, ‘What’s going on?’ We can do something, that’s cool. I’ll take care of money for the show and then go do what I have to do. You know? And he was always 100, so that was cool.”

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Aside from feeling like he might have been finessed, 50 Cent had nothing but positive things to say about Master P.

“P is prolific, man,” he told Big Boy. “See how Snoop’s respect for Master P is? He is one of those guys where he will find a way. Although he’s hitting a spot at the moment: anyone with a long enough career has peaks and valleys in them. But he’s one of those guys who will figure it out.”

While his performance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood was not associated with any of his music, 50 Cent marked a new milestone in his own prolific career last week after he received 15 new platinum records from Recording Industry Association of America.

The G-Unit boss hopped on Instagram on Friday (January 20) with a post celebrating the latest additions to his plaque collection. In the post, 50 included a list of the new certifications he received, which were 15 platinum and six gold records, respectively, while also asking fans what might have happened if he held on to certain songs he gave away.

The songs that received their first platinum certification included “I Get Money”, “Patiently Waiting”. Eminem“Best Friend,” “Outta Control,” “Hate It Or Love It” and “Window Shopper.”

Records that added to their multi-platinum certifications were “In Da Club”, “Just A Lil’ Bit”, “Disco Inferno”, “Many Men (Wish Death)”, “PIMP”, “Candy Shop” and more . 50’s collaboration with the late Nate Dogg titled “21 Questions” from his debut album Get rich or die trying’ was also included in the list to go quadruple platinum.

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