50 Cent, Ice-T and more react to Twitter’s possible implosion

50 cents and Ice-T is among the rappers preparing to say goodbye to Twitter as it seemingly continues to implode under Elon Musk’s leadership.

Following the news that the social networking company temporarily locked all employees out of its office buildings on Thursday (November 17), #RIPTwitter started trending with anecdotes, jokes, concerns and everything in between.

Fif and Ice were among those with jokes while others like Tory Lanez and Joel Ortiz tried to find out what happened.

“Hey anyone at work today? Twitter,” 50 asked his 12.6 million followers, while Ice-T tweeted: “I LOVE TWITTER…! But if it implodes I won’t lose $44 billion.. Just say it.”

Tory Lanez and Joell Ortiz didn’t seem to get the memo yet.

According to BBC news, Twitter employees were given a memo Thursday that the offices would close effective immediately and would reopen Monday (Nov. 21). The announcement came on the same day that Musk had made the final day for current employees to decide whether to stay in his new “long hours at high intensity” regime or leave and get a severance package.

With 5pm PST Thursday being the deadline to make their decision, employees said they quit en masse and signed off on the company’s Slack channel with greeting emojis.

Since Musk’s purchase of the company for $44 billion in late October, Twitter has been fraught with problems, including mass firings of key people (whom Musk later tried to lure back to the company) and a failed launch of the paid Twitter Blue subscription, resulting in a large crop of purchased blue checks spreading misinformation as they impersonated public figures.

Soulja Boy did not take kindly to the latter scenarioso much so that he decided he wanted to make his own app instead.

“Now you can just pay to be verified? Twitter is broken,” he tweeted on Saturday (November 11). “Bro leave twitter alone @elonmusk wtf are you doing… I can’t believe this. Fuck it, I’m making my own app. goodbye Twitter.”

Diddy among investors behind Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover of 44 billion

Doja Cat has also expressed his displeasure, as the “Juicy” artist was unable to change her screen name as she usually does amid Musk’s changes. She went straight to the source to get it fixed, who was happy to answer and help.

“Working on it! Pretty fun though,” Musk wrote to Doja.

Despite the problems, Musk seems to be keeping a cool head, even tweeting memes poking fun at rumors that the site will implode. He also claims that as of Thursday night, they “hit another record high in Twitter usage.”

Check out his post below:

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