2023 Rock + Metal Festival Tour Guide

Pack your sunscreen and shades in your go-bag, because we’ve got plenty of music festivals to get ready for. Although it’s still winter, there’s been a ton of spring and summer rock + metal festivals announced for 2023, and everything we know so far is wrapped up here.

Foo Fighters dominates the big names to appear. In the second week of January, they spilled the beans they will be headlining 3 major festivals in a triumphant return to live shows in the new year.

But it’s not just the Foo Fighters who are getting fans pumped up for the festival season. Essential bands planning to hit the festival circuit this year include Tool, Panther, Slip knot, queen of the stone age, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The rather ruthless, Afenged Sevenfold, Splitting pumpkinsand many more.

And we’re just getting started! Bookmark this list and check back often to see when new shows are announced and hit you. Read on to find out who’s coming where and when so far. And if you want to see what tours are happening this year, check out our 2023 Rock + Metal Tour Guide.

2023 Rock + Metal Music Festival Guide

See which major rock and metal festivals await you in 2023!

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