1MILL Gets Honest About His Inner Demons In ‘PR4Y’

Credit: 1MILL/YouTube

Published on: Jan 22, 2023, 11:49 PM PST

Thai rap star 1 MILL gets real about the ups and downs of a successful rap career in “PR4Y,” his latest single from his 2022 album, Pain reliever 2.

The young rapper opens the track with an acknowledgment of tough challenges for people who aren’t doing their best right now (“I pray for my people who are really going through some shit”), suggesting he’s also experienced betrayal, as well as reflecting on mortality – via Lil Keed’s death and drug problems (“All the pain in myself, it’s embedded in my soul / They say I love the drugs, I have to take it slow”).

1MILL also gets candid about the pitfalls of fame, how the luxurious lifestyle he lives is an experiential desire for him (The reason I only buy designer ones is because I’ve never had one before) while calling out those who appropriate or claim to come from the underground scene to get a leg up in the rap game (You really didn’t come from scratch / While I’m underground).

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“PR4Y” is his first official release of 2023, following last month’s “Loser 2,” another track from his album.

Watch “PR4Y” below:

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