The rocker who thinks Metallica is the ‘worst band ever’

Not everyone is a fan Metallica. Especially Matty Healylead singer for the pop-rock act 1975.

He recently stated that they were his least favorite band of all time.

Why did he say that? In an interview back in August, he was asked about viral music, namely songs that got a new life thanks to inclusion in Netflix’s Stranger Things. Healy indicated that he liked Kate Bushs”Running up that hill“, but he’s not a fan of Metallica.

“I Goddamn hate Metallica,” the musician said Fork. “My worst band ever.”

Granted, he said mine worst band ever, no that the worst band ever – perhaps to give themselves plausible deniability.

The 1975 have just released their latest, Being funny in a foreign language, earlier this month. It contains the singles “Part of the Band”, “Happiness” and “All I Need to Hear”.

Earlier this year, Metallica’s “Master of Puppetswas placed in Stranger Things 4 — it gave the metal band a boost renewed popularity. (In the finale, the character Eddie Munson plays the song on the guitar in a crucial scene.) Subsequently Metallica welcome new fans Before some discussed “cancelling” the band.

And Metallica recently packed the majority of theirs 2022 tour dates. To end the year, they will play a tribute show plus theirs Helping hands concert. Check for Metallica concert tickets on this link.

Listen to The 1975’s latest below.

1975, “All I Need to Hear” (music video)

Metallica, “Master of Puppets” (lyric video)

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