The 1975 singer eats raw steak on stage during the show

No one seems to know why, but along the way 1975‘s concert last night (November 7) in New York City, frontman Matty Healy whipped up a raw steak and began to eat it. If you are against eating meat, you might want to stop reading.

We really don’t have much context for you, so we’re just as confused as you probably are. The show took place at Madison Square Garden, and as seen in a clip on Twitter, the singer casually sat on stage in front of a plate of steak, picked it up and started eating it. It was raw. And he seemed to be in some kind of food-induced trance as he chewed it. According to fans on Save yourthis dinner scene took place between the band’s sets.

Watch some clips below.

So is this kind of consumption safe? Given that steak tartare is a really raw steak dish, and it’s common to order a cut of steak rare in restaurants, you might assume it’s safer than trying to eat poorly cooked poultry or pork. But beef can still harbor bacteria, so according to it Chicago Steak Companythe best way to make sure you don’t get sick from raw steak is to make sure it’s high-quality meat that’s been handled with care and kept cold.

We have yet to hear that Healy has suffered from food poisoning, so he must have followed the raw meat protocol. The singer seems to be one for antics on stage – several video clips from 1975’s recent concerts show the singer smoking a cigarette on a couch on stage while fondling himself, doing push-ups and more. He is like this generation Jim Morrison.

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