1300 Channels 90’s Action Thriller in ‘Steve Jobs’ Ft. Kwame – Editor’s Choice

Credit: 1300 일삼공공/YouTube

Published on: January 23, 2023, 12:15 AM PST

Korean-Australian rap group 1300 returns with a new themed visual, this time for their latest single, “Steve Jobs,” featuring Australian rapper Kwame.

The Raghav Rampal-directed visual shows the quintet and Kwame trapped in a ’90s action-thriller-inspired film, hinting at the nascent mind-altering technology, with the group serving as subjects for a dream experiment (“dream start”) under the control of Kwame’s character, that shows the 1300 members living a more carefree, alternative reality on a beach.

The minimalist electro-hip-hop beat marks a shift from the 1300’s more abrasive, hard-hitting catalog (including the 2022 Foreign language album and “CARDIO!”).

Watch “Steve Jobs” below:

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