WTF has happened to Tim Curry?

Tim Curry is a familiar and much-loved face if you’re a child of the eighties or nineties. First breaks out playing Dr. Frank N. Furter in the musical stage show The Rocky Horror Show, when it transitioned to the big screen, Curry was a natural to reprise his role. The resulting film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, was only a mild success, but a crazy cult arose around the film, giving it a place in history. As it stands, it is arguably the biggest cult film of all time and holds the record for the longest theatrical run of any film, having been in continuous theatrical release since its debut in 1975. Halloween revivals of the film are a beloved tradition, and the film would wouldn’t have its staying power if it weren’t for Curry’s show-stopping run.

It started an interesting career for Curry, where he initially specialized in villains. He created an unforgettable darkness Ridley Scott’s Legend and Rooster at John Huston’s Annie. He also began to make significant inroads into comedy, playing the slick butler Wadsworth in Beloved Key. In the nineties, he began to specialize as a character actor in films such as The hunt for Red October, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, Muppet Treasure Island (like Long John Silver) and more. Yet it is a role he is remembered for other than Frank N. Furter; it’s Pennywise the Clown in the iconic TV movie version of THAT. His Pennywise haunted the dreams of many children, including most of us here at JoBlo.

In recent years, the beloved star has been sidelined by a major stroke, which has limited him to voice acting. In this episode of WTF happened to this celebrity (written by Mathew Plale, produced and narrated by Taylor James Johnson and edited by Kier Gomes) we examine Curry’s life and legacy.

What is your favorite Tim Curry role? Tell us in the comments!

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