The worst sequels and remakes ever

Sequels and remakes have a terrible reputation. “They’re all Hollywood makes anymore!” “They are creatively bankrupt!” “They’re terrible!” You’ve surely heard these and other complaints many times before.

In fairness, there are many good sequels and no doubt even more good remakes. Hollywood makes these types of movies because they make money; to blame only producers and financiers for these films is to ignore the third crucial party worthy of blame: ourselves. If audiences stopped showing up, the studios would do something else.

All of this is to say that the constant complaints about sequels and remakes are somewhat exaggerated. But! Not in all cases – and certainly not in the case of the sequels and remakes listed below. They are pretty bad. In fact, they are the reason sequels and remakes in general have such a bad reputation. If it’s the sequels and remakes you’re watching, it’s hard to blame you for thinking they all stink.

The worst sequels ever

These sequels ruined the reputation of some great movies.

The worst remakes ever

Remakes get a bad rap – and these terrible examples are why.

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