The worst movies of the 2010s

A film reviewer spends most of his life in a cinema. It’s a fantastic concert. Every day brings a new story, a new adventure, a new group of people to meet and see the world through their eyes. The great movies teach you about life, they entertain you, they uplift you. They make you a better person.

Unfortunately, they are not all good movies. Most are mediocre and a few out are downright awful. Those movies don’t make you a better person—except maybe in the way that they make you more aware of how precious life is by taking two hours away from you.

And unlike your average moviegoer, who could walk out of something similar Alice through the looking glass when they realized it was an impossibly boring piece of shit, a movie reviewer has to sit through an entire movie to write about it. (It is literally the only job qualification; watch the full movie. Other than that, there are basically no rules.) So the concert, beautiful as it is, also comes with a lot of misery.

This list is about the misery and about the worst movies released in the 2010s. That includes awful cartoons, disastrous children’s movies, confusing comic book movies, and a few bad sequels. It ranks from the almost kind of watchable to the most abysmal game to be made into a movie all decade.

The worst movies of the 2010s

The 2010s gave us some of our favorite movies of the century. It also gave us these 25 stinkers. Nobody is perfect.

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