The worst movies ever made, according to Letterboxd

Letterboxd, the must-have social network for movie and movie lovers, features over 775,000 different titles, a large percentage of every movie ever made over the past 130+ years. The site is a huge database. It does not rate or rate any of the movies.

That task rests with the users. They can rate any movie on the app on a scale of 0.5 to 5 stars (it’s not physically possible to rate anything zero stars), meaning the 775,000 titles can be viewed in order from highest to lowest score or vice versa .

Doing either is quite an interesting way to use the site. Did you know e.g Parasite is assessed in front The Godfather? And you did also by the Harry Styles: Behind the Album is located in front both by them? It is true. (Vito Corleone was a powerful man, but not as powerful as Harry Styles, so that checks out.)

If you arrange all 775,000+ titles on the site from lowest rated to highest, here’s what you’ll find at the bottom, the ten worst movies of all time (at least according to users of Letterboxd). Note that Letterboxd sometimes includes TV shows or shorts; we decided to weed out everything in the bottom ten that wasn’t a full-blown (albeit terrible) feature film.

While the choices are largely weighted towards recent releases, we doubt there would be much backlash surrounding any of these choices. From the least horrific to the most excruciating, they areā€¦

The worst movies ever made, according to Letterboxd

According to Letterboxd users, these are the ten worst movies ever made. Do you agree?

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