Will Ferrell reacts to the Asda advert featuring Buddy the Elf

If you want to feel older than usual, Will Ferrell’s Elf will celebrate it twentieth anniversary next year. The Christmas classic found Ferrell playing a human raised by Santa’s elves who learns of his origins and travels to New York City to meet his biological father. The actor has largely resisted calls for one Elf sequels all these years, but Buddy has returned in a commercial for the British supermarket chain Asda.

As you can probably tell from the Asda commercial, Will Ferrell did not return to reprise his role as Buddy the elf. The commercial instead cut scenes directly from the movie and inserted them into the commercial, and did quite well.

Will Ferrell was asked about the ad while speaking with Yahoo Entertainment UK, and despite not having to appear in it beyond the old footage, it looks like the actor actually made some good money. “Well…it kind of helped me finally get paid market value for when I shot Elf,Ferrell said. “I thought it was well done.

Danny Kleinman who directed Asda Elf commercial, said the production was a unique challenge. “For me this was a unique challenge, working with an A list Hollywood actor without him being there in person and creating other actors around his iconic performance,Kleinman said. “It was important not only to make the action seamless, but also to convincingly transport him to an Asda Christmas shop, creating a Hollywood feel for Asda’s Christmas celebrations.” The results were worth it as the advertisement has been warmly received.

Will Ferrell can currently be seen starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in Spirited, a modern retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with a musical twist. The film was released in select theaters last month and can be streamed on Apple TV+ starting today. You can check out a review from our own JimmyO right here.

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