Who’s the Boss sequel series starring Tony Danza & Alyssa Milano set up on Amazon Freevee

Just when you thought we were safe from reviving old TV series. Deadline have reported that the prolonged pregnancy Who’s the boss sequel series has found a home on Amazon Freevee.

The sequel to the classic sitcom will find Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano repeating their roles as Tony and Samantha Micelli. That Who’s the boss the successor will “focus on former Major League Baseball player / retired housekeeper Tony Micelli (Danza) and his relationship with his daughter Samantha (Milan). She is now a single mother and lives in the family house.The series will exploregenerational differences, as well as opposing worldviews and parenting styles within the dynamics of a modern family in 2022.“The project was first announced close to two years ago. Norman Lear will be producing the new series with Mike Royce (who will also be writing) and Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz. Royce is best known as the co-creator of One day at a time restart. Muñoz-Liebowitz also worked on One day at a time as a co-executive producer and currently works as a showrunner / executive producer for Gordita Chronicles at HBO Max.

If you are wondering what Amazon Freevee is, you are not alone. The free, ad-supported streaming service was launched just three years ago as IMDb Freedive. It was renamed IMDb TV six months later, before being renamed Amazon Freevee just a few months ago.

The original Who’s the boss the series ran for eight seasons and 196 episodes from 1984-92. It was one of the more popular sitcoms of the time, drawing more than 30 million viewers and was nominated for more than 40 awards, including 10 Emmy Awards and 5 Golden Globe Awards. Like someone who has never seen Who’s the boss, not even a single episode, I can not really comment on the demand for a sequel series. So I’ll leave that up to you. Are you itching to catch up with Tony and Samantha?

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