Westworld canceled by HBO after four seasons

After four seasons of struggling with artificial intelligence, free will, and self-awareness, Westworld closing the doors forever. It’s a bit of a shocking move for what was once one of their biggest series, but HBO announced today that they have canceled Westworld after four seasons.

That fourth season of Westworld ended earlier this summer, but creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy were hoping for one more season to wrap up the story. “We always planned a fifth and final season,Nolan told THR last month. “We are still in talks with the network. We very much hope to make them.Joy added, “Jonah and I have always had an ending in mind that we hope to reach. We’re not quite there yet.” The show wasn’t exactly cheap to produce, and viewership had dropped over the last two seasons, so this choice isn’t entirely unexpected, but it’s still a shame that Nolan and Joy don’t get to wrap up the series properly. With just one more season planned, you’d think HBO would have let them go ahead with it, even if it ended up being a shorter run of episodes. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has been involved in some pretty aggressive cost-cutting measures, but insiders said THR that this was not a factor in the choice to cancel the series.

In a statement, HBO said:Over the past four seasons, Lisa and Jonah have taken viewers on a thought-provoking odyssey, raising the bar at every step. We are extremely grateful to them, along with their incredibly talented cast, producers and crew, and all of our partners at Kilter Films, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television. It has been a thrill to be part of this journey.” Kilter Films added: “Manufacturing Westworld has been one of the highlights of our career. We are deeply grateful to our extraordinary cast and crew for creating these indelible characters and brilliant worlds. We have had the privilege of telling these stories about the future of consciousness—both human and beyond—in the short space of time before our AI overlords forbid us to do so.

How are you doing? Westworld be cancelled?

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