10 Weird Titles That Loved Movies Almost Used

A title is an incredibly important element of a film. A good title can even cement a film’s place in pop culture history into the lexicon of the English language. Even before a person has seen a movie, its title can give them a clue as to what to expect. There are many ways a title can go – it can be literal or more abstract. Think of some of your favorite movies. They probably have some pretty good titles, if not amazing. The thing is, some of the most famous movies of all time most likely wouldn’t have been as successful if they had a drastically different title.

Sometimes a film starts out as a script that has a different title. Other times, a film will change its title mid-production, only to change it again once it’s finished. There are a few cases where a film’s test screening reception has influenced what the film ends up being called. Test audience opinions matter – once a studio has spent millions of dollars on a movie, they want to make sure the title doesn’t drive people away.

Believe it or not, there are several beloved movies that were almost called something completely different. Honestly, some of the titles are pretty weird – we’re glad they were left in place of these movies’ real names. Could you imagine if The Breakfast Club was called The lunch pile? We have a feeling it wouldn’t be nearly as popular.

Here are 10 bizarre titles that these famous movies almost used.

10 Weird Titles That Loved Movies Almost Used

These iconic films almost had some not-so-iconic titles.

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