Weekend Box Office: The Invitational ends first with just $7 million

The invitation led the weekend box office with a whopping $7 million. No doubt the studio thought that making this one PG13 would help sell tickets to the under 18 audience, however I think the rating actually hurts it as anyone over 18 just wasn’t interested in venturing out in theaters for watered-down horror. To make matters worse, the film’s C box office result means that the people who paid to see it in theaters didn’t really like it, which doesn’t bode well for its longevity at the big box office.

Nathalie Emmanuel stars in The Invitation, a Dracula-inspired film that hits theaters in August.  Formerly known as the Bride.  The trailer is online

In second place comes the Brad Pitt action comedy Bullet train with an estimated $5.6 million. Personally, I’m glad to see this film have solid legs at the box office as it was a highly entertaining limited action film with great acting across the board. Even musician Bad Bunny gave a solid performance which gives me hope for his lead role in the Marvel project, El Muerto coming in 2024.

Third place went to Idris Elba in the lead role Animals, drops 58% of its audience and ends the weekend with $4.9 million. I was a little off my predictions for this one as I thought the lack of any real competition would see this one hold up better than it did. But with theatrical windows getting shorter before a movie can be seen in your own home, it seems people are waiting for this one to be out. Or maybe it’s one of those movies that gets released, does its thing, and then gets forgotten forever? It’s certainly a knock on Idris Elba’s star power, judging by that last week’s pollmost prefer to see in supporting roles.

Fourth place belonged to Tom Cruise and his high-flying Top Gun: Maverick with $4.7 million. The movie is quite simply a bunch. It’s proven that when you put something out in theaters that people actually want to see, and you do it right, as Cruise, director Joseph Kosinski, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer did, people will show up. It is Field of dreams of 2022 movies: if you make a good movie, they will come! With anticipation already built for Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One out in theaters July 14, 2023, it’s possible Cruise can rule for two summers in a row. Who says the movie star age is dead?!

Losing 78% of its audience, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero had an even steeper decline than its predecessor Dragon Ball Super: Broly did back in 2019 when it lost nearly 70% of its audience. But since the numbers were so low this weekend, the $4.5 million weekend tally still meant a 4th place finish for this niche animated film.

Speaking of Idris Elba’s star power, his second film to be released in as many weeks is the George Miller-directed fantasy film Three thousand years of longing which only has $2.8 million in ticket sales this weekend. It appears even our great review of the film couldn’t entice people to come to the theater to see this coming-of-age adventure. It’s a shame because Miller is one of those filmmakers who is willing to take a chance on stories that you wouldn’t normally see, and when he does you tend to get some great movies, such as Best Picture nominated. treasure (which he wrote and produced); the Oscar winner Happy Feet and the masterpiece Mad Max franchise for which he is currently filming the next chapter, Furious released on May 24, 2024.

Bleecker Street Break starring John Boyega and the late Michael K. Williams finished outside the top ten with just $1.02 million in tickets sold, while Disney’s Imax re-releases of only Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was only able to grab $1.1 million.

This weekend is the first time since the weekend of April 16, 2021 Godzilla vs. King finished in first place with just $7.8 million in its third week of release, no film earning double digits at the box office.

Many people are questioning Amazon’s direct-to-streaming strategy this weekend when their new movie comes out The Samaritan starring Sylvester Stallone could easily have topped the box office, especially considering the movies high audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Looking to the future, there is some potential for breakout hits such as the ensemble whodunnit See how they drive Starring Viola Davis The female king or the romantic comedy with the Billy Eichner front Bros. However, there doesn’t seem to be a sure hit scheduled for mid-October when Halloween ends hits theaters on October 14, but even that is undercut by a day-and-date simultaneous release with streaming service Peacock.

Have you ventured to the cinema this weekend? Or did you stay at home and catch one of the new streaming releases such as Samaritans or the not very good one Me time starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg? Tell us in the comments.

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