Warner Bros. 1941 study menu making the rounds

Vintage documents, ephemera and props from Hollywood’s golden age can provide glimpses into the studio system of a bygone era. It can be contracts, costumes or even menus, as is the case in one from Warner Bros., which is proving to be a viral favorite on social media.

The Warner Bros. menu, dated Monday, February 17, 1941, was posted on social media this week to much discussion and plenty of laughs:

Warner Bros. released more than 60 films that year, three of which were nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards –The Maltese Falcon, One foot in the sky and Sergeant York. (Fox How green was my valley won that year.) So it’s not hard to imagine Humphrey Bogart taking off his Sam Spade fedora to enjoy a 15-cent bottle of beer, or Frederic March munching on some imported sardines, or Gary Cooper taking a fork and a knife for a baked sugar-cured ham (one of today’s specials). Who knows, with the upcoming release of The strawberry blondemaybe James Cagney and Olivia de Havilland celebrated by sharing a chop suey ice cream sundae—what the hell.

It’s a diverse menu that covers pretty much anything a gaffer or director or actor could devour—except women, who were probably forced to take diet pills and “pep pills” instead of Southern Fried Chicken with Corn Fries…

The goods are far from Warner Bros. current party specials (at least for study tour guests), which include a Starbucks and Central Perk Café, where you can try to devour Rachel’s Thanksgiving trifle.

According to Vintage Menu Art, “​The Studio Cafe in Burbank was the go-to place for anyone working on the Warner Bros. studio lot. The prices were good (the most expensive items were imported natural foie gras, Virginia ham and smoked turkey for $1), and the location was convenient, which kept the talent near the set. And what a great place to see the stars!” Note, “Whoever brought this menu home noted the names on the back of the menu of actors seen at lunch that day.”

So what is it your order from Warner Bros. Studio cafe? Let us know in the comments section below!

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