10 VHS tapes every 90s kid owned

While VCRs have become almost obsolete in today’s streaming culture, there was a time when they were a huge part of home entertainment. Instead of having to wait for something interesting to roll around on cable, you could watch any movie – on demand – as long as you had it on VHS. And while every household’s taste in movies varies, odds are if you lived through the 1990s you had some list of popular movies in your video library.

VHS was introduced in the late 1970s and grew in popularity throughout the 80s – becoming a mainstay in most American households by the 90s. The bulky, cumbersome mechanics of video tapes would eventually be replaced by DVDs, which would then be replaced by Blu-rays, which would eventually be eschewed in favor of Internet-based streaming. There’s no arguing that the modern way is more convenient than its predecessors, but there’s something nostalgic about having to rewind your VHS every time you want to watch a movie. The bands would skip and get scratched, but that was part of their charm.

Whatever the reason, there were some movies released in the 90s that were just made feeling on VHS. It can even feel strange watching a certain movie from the 90s on a big flat screen TV when you remember watching it on the warm fuzzy TV screen from decades ago.

If you were a ’90s kid — or just a ’90s kid at heart — here are 10 movies we can almost guarantee you had in your VHS collection.

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