Uncle Buck – John Hughes revisited

Who’s in the mood for some giant pancakes? The 1989s Uncle Buck is undoubtedly John Candy’s second best film of all time. John Hughes’ Planes, trains and cars is probably the film he is most remembered for, and the director/star combination worked so well that they reunited Uncle Buck two years later. This family comedy was the biggest hit of Candy’s career. It notably introduced the world to Macaulay Culkin, whose early performance led to Home alone a year later. Looking back on the film now, it’s an all-too-often ignored classic, with a Candy performance that mixes humor, pathos, and even a touch of menace (directed at the right people, of course) in a way that only the late, great actor could.

This month’s John Hughes Revisited is written, edited and narrated by Matthew Hacienda.

Do you agree that Uncle Buck is Candy’s second best movie? Tell us in the comments!

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