The Hot Take trailer for Tubi Original turns Depp and Heard’s tryst into a play…again

Just when you thought you were out of the woods with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fiasco, we get the official trailer for the upcoming Tubings Original, Hot Take: Depp/Heard Trial– and it’s a doozy!

The trailer for Hot Take shows various notable moments from the trial. Early on, we see Johnny Depp paying tribute to his devoted fans outside the courtroom, and Amber Heard on the witness stand recalling Depp’s drug addiction (accompanied by the actor passed out in a bathtub). After this, the trailer shows Heard’s alleged “borderline personality disorder” and Depp becomes jealous of Heard’s supposed lovers. Finally, a cigarette-smoking Depp says: “Can’t wait to see what’s next.” Us, either fake Johnny Depp, us, either.

Hot Take seems to be exactly what fans would want in such a movie: little renditions of the trial’s greatest hits, complete with what we can assume are deliciously over-the-top performances.

Hot Take can’t come fast enough – and Tubi apparently thought so too. The film was indeed fast tracked as the trial only ended less than four months ago. Depp in the end came out on top, where the jury decided that Amber Heard had defamed the actor through unproven allegations of abuse. Heard was also recognized because Depp’s former lawyer made his own allegations against the actress.

Johnny Depp is played by Mark Hapka (who had a run on the soap opera Days of our lives), largely appreciating Depp’s vernacular and mannerisms. Amber Heard is played by Megan Davis (last year’s Famous), who have the difficult task of donning a crying emoji face for the duration.

The trailer is just over a minute long, so it certainly leaves a lot to the imagination. But if the real ordeal was this crazy, we can’t wait to see what the movie shows. What moments do you hope to see? You know, other than Amber Heard pooping on Johnny Depp’s bed.

Hot Take: Depp/Heard Trial coming to Tube this Friday, September 30.

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