Box Office: Elvis & Top Gun: Maverick is in first place right now

The King and Maverick are currently sitting at the top of the box office with exactly the same numbers according to estimates. Elvis and Top Gun: Maverick collected identical numbers over the weekend, but when the actual results come out tomorrow, there will likely be a movie ahead.

Elvis and Top Gun: Maverick earned $ 30.5 million according to estimates released by Deadline. The figure of $ 30.5 million is very close to my $ 30 million predictions but we’ll have to wait and see if its location will also match what I predicted. There are signs of that Maverick will eventually peak Elvis as box office analytics EntTelligence says Top Gun: Maverick has 2.5 million admissions, while Elvis came in at 2.4 million. Top Gun: Maverick’s Saturday gross was also higher at $ 12 million compared to $ 10 million for Elvis. Though Elvis slipping to second place, this is a great start that exceeded its $ 20 million + tracking, and its “A-” CinemaScore also indicates that word of mouth could be strong. The other good news for the current second champion Top Gun: Maverick is that the Tom Cruise release has cleared $ 1 billion worldwide with a global pull of $ 1.006 billion.

Landing on what we will call third place, for now, is Jurassic World: Dominion with a gross of $ 26.4 million. It’s a 55% drop as the film continues to appear as its predecessor, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. That movie dropped 53% in its third weekend, which is roughly equivalent to the current performance of Dominion. After three weeks of release, Jurassic World: Dominion has earned $ 302.7 million at the domestic ticket office.

Debuts in fourth place and outperforms is The black phone, which earned $ 23.3 million over the weekend. It’s best for the $ 20 million that the film has tracked ahead of the weekend, as word of mouth seems to glow for the Blumhouse horror effort. The film received a good for horror “B +” CinemaScore, and with an estimated budget of $ 18 million, it is already on its way to profitability.

To round the top five and refuse us to have five movies that grossed $ 20 million + over the weekend is Light year, which took a huge drop of 65% to $ 17.6 million. This is one of the biggest falls in the second weekend for a Pixar movie after the fall of 73% for Forward but it came when the pandemic closed theaters across the country. What is clear here is this Light year just not associated with families or those nostalgic for Toy Story. This is probably one of the more shocking ticket clerks, and I’m sure Disney Pixar will try to figure out where the ball was lost. To date, Light year has earned $ 88.7 million in the domestic market.

What are YOUR thoughts on this weekend’s box office results?

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