Top Gun: Maverick continues to soar after becoming the best-selling week-1 digital release

Unlike the rest of the world, I have yet to see Top Gun: Maverick. Does this make me a terrible person? Probably. However, my lack of experience with this cultural phenomenon has not stopped the film from selling like hotcakes in theaters and digital platforms. According to Paramount Home Entertainment, Top Gun: Maverick is flying higher than ever after blowing past the competition to become the #1 Week-One Digital selling title of all time in the US and in major territories worldwide.

Released for sale across digital platforms on August 23, Top Gun: Maverick has already battled its way to become one of the top 20 best-selling digital releases in history after only being available for a week. Is there anything this movie can’t do? Is James Cameron about to pick a fight with Tom Cruise? Adding another star to his flight helmet, Top Gun: Maverick was the best-selling item on in the US across every category on the site on Day 1.

Before we move on, let’s consider how much money Tom Cruise makes Maverick‘s runaway success. Most of us can’t think of what that amount looks like in real life. It’s enough to make us simpletons seethe with jealousy and crushed dreams of ever getting above the poverty line.

Let’s not forget that Top Gun: Maverick grossed over $1.4 billion worldwide. I’m not trying to add insult to injury. I am truly in awe of this film’s appeal and power at the box office. Every person I know who has seen this movie has come back raving about how incredible it is. I mean, it must have something special going for it considering it’s currently the #6 highest grossing film in domestic box office history. You know what? I think I’ll buy myself a digital copy and watch it this weekend. I want to be part of the club. It’s cold out here on No Maverick Island.

Have you seen Top Gun: Maverick? Are you one of the many who have already purchased the film digitally? Or are you waiting for the film’s physical release on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ra

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