‘Tomb Raider’ sequel is dead, franchise rights up for grabs

An exclusive report from TheWrap claims it MGMto make Tomb Raider movie has expired. Lara Croft’s first film appearance happened back in 2001 with the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie and it did quite well. This happened right at the height of the hype surrounding the original video game franchise. Then there was a sequel that didn’t make nearly as much money as expected. After that, the film franchise languished for years until 2011.

In April 2016, MGM and GK Films bought the rights to the franchise and quickly began work on a reboot. Roar Uthaug, a Norwegian filmmaker, directed the reboot while Alicia Vikander portrayed by Lara Croft. The film failed to break even and received mediocre reviews. According to many critics, the story just wasn’t engaging, despite decent performances from the cast.

A sequel to the film was in the works for a while, starring Amy Jump and Ben Wheatley associated as author and director respectively. Unfortunately, when the first in the reboot series failed and didn’t do very well critically, the timing was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Covid-19 hit, and Tomb Raider just wasn’t a priority for MGM anymore. Misha Green signed on in 2021 to replace Ben Wheatley, but the project never went into production. With that, the rights to the franchise went back to Crystal Dynamics, the developer of the game itself.

Recently, a company called Embracer bought Crystal Dynamics from Square Enix. As a result, Embracer now controls who gets the rights to make new ones Tomb Raider movie. It looks like they have some big plans for the series, so honestly, that can be a good thing. Instead of just making a video game or two and sending the rights over to a production company for a half-baked adaptation… they’re interested in spinoffs, remakes, remasters, and anything else they think can help them create a shared universe.

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