Tom Hanks launches online trivia game

Six Oscar nominations. Four Toy stories. Two Oscars. An Apple Arcade trivia game. Tom Hanks is now part of the trivia world, involved in and talking about an upcoming game called Hanx101.

Hanx101 is a trivia game launching Friday, September 2 on Apple Arcade. Unfortunately for fans of Tom Hanks, the questions will not be based on the actor. The questions will naturally reach a wide range of topics. According to the press release “tens of thousands of trivia questions” will be placed in the game. The game will allow single player or online mode where players try to “beat your own highscore or challenge others in head-to-head trivia stand-offs or team games.”

Hanx101, the platform’s first trivia-based game, is available exclusively on iOS, macOS and tvOS.

This is not the first time that Tom Hanks has delved into the digital world. In 2014, he was involved in Hanx Writer, an app intended to simulate using a typewriter. Hey, it was almost as cool as the app that let you pretend you were drinking a beer!

It’s also not Tom Hanks’ first outing with Apple, as he starred in and wrote the 2020s Greyhound and the headline last year Finchboth available on Apple+.

Tom Hanks’ latest, Pinocchiowill be released on Disney+ on September 8.

Recently, Tom Hanks has reflected on some of his past films. The noted history buff was right to call The DaVinci Code “Oops”, which many could agree with – though not necessarily for the reason he said. Then again, he also defended Forrest Gump‘s Best picture wins over Pulp Fiction. So what does this guy do really do you know?

As mentioned, Hanx101 will not actually be Tom Hanks-related trivia. But that doesn’t stop us from asking our dear readers a few Hanks-inspired questions! Ready? Enter the answers below for a chance to win absolutely nothing!

1. Tom Hanks has been nominated six times for the Academy Award. How many times was it for Best Supporting Actor?

2. Since the beginning of this century, Tom Hanks has portrayed no fewer than half a dozen real people. Name three.

3. Tom Hanks has best laugh ever in The money pit. True or false?

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