Reviews of ‘The Rings Of Power’ Hail an Epic Return To Middle-Earth

Amazon Prime‘s Rings of power is perhaps one of the most anticipated fantasy offerings to hit screens of any kind in a long time. The production was laborious and expensive, but like the walk from the Shire to Mordor, it was worth it. So far, only two episodes of the show have been seen by critics, but so far their reviews are very positive, citing only minor issues.

The sheer size and scope of the landscape on display is enough to turn the head of even the most miserable fantasy fan. The environments are lush and beautifully curated, and the acting is good enough. The only major complaint so early Rings of power reviews have had is that not a whole lot happens in the first episodes. The action doesn’t really rush by itself. But… that’s kind of it Lord of the Rings has worked in the past. Let’s just hope the action starts to pick up in the coming episodes.

Here are a series of blurbs from Twitter explaining how people are feeling a little better about the series.

Rings of power will be released one episode at a time for the next 6 weeks, with Amazon committing to multiple seasons in the future.

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