The Passion of the Christ 2: New rumor suggests a sequel to Mel Gibson’s biblical drama is in production

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! This afternoon a new one rumor sweeping across social media, suggesting Mel Gibson is ready to shoot Passion of Christ 2 later that year. To be perfectly clear, Jordan Ruimy, who writes for World of Reel, citing no sources for this exclusive information. According to Ruimy, Gibson is teaming up again The Passion of Christ actor Jim Caviezel for the sequel, The Passion of Christ: Resurrection. The report suggests Resurrection has been in development for almost a decade.

says Ruimy Passion of Christ 2 focusing on “the twenty-four hours comprising the passion of Jesus and the events that occurred three days between his crucifixion and resurrection.”

Although this news has not been officially confirmed by Gibson, a follow-up has been rumored for years, with many wondering if Jim Caviezel would be too old to reprise his role if they focus on the resurrection, given the original shot almost twenty years ago.

Mel Gibson directed and co-wrote The Passion of Christ with Benedict Fitzgerald. The 2004 film served $612 million worldwide, despite never being released in select territories. Gibson re-edited the film in 2005 after receiving requests that parts of the film’s most violent scenes be omitted. Gibson obliged, not wanting groups wanting to share the film to be discouraged.

“After the first run in theaters, I received several letters from people all over the country. Many told me that they wanted to share the experience with their loved ones, but were worried that the harsher images of the film would be too intense for them could carry In light of this I decided to re-edit The Passion of Christ Gibson said of arranging another version of the film.

Although this rumor is probably untrue, how would you feel if it actually happened? The world has changed dramatically since then The Passion of Christ dominated the silver screen. Could today’s overly sensitive masses handle Jesus coming back from the dead for box office dollars? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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