The Old Way clip: Nicolas Cage is a gunslinger looking for revenge

Nicolas Cage has dabbled in a wide variety of genres throughout his career, but only recently dipped his toe into the world of Westerns. One of his first stays The old wayand Lionsgate has released one a few clips for your viewing pleasure, which you can see below.

The first clip shows Nicolas Cage’s character waking his daughter after hearing gunshots in the distance, while the second finds the pair holding several wounded men at gunpoint.

Directed by Brett Donowho (Acts of violence) from a script by Carl W. Lucas (The wave), The Old Way stars Nicholas Cage as Colton Briggs, “a cold-blooded gunslinger became a respectable family man. When an outlaw and his gang put Colton and his family in danger, Colton is forced to take up arms with an unlikely partner – his 12-year-old daughter (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) – in this action-packed film that builds towards his fateful showdown with pulsating voltage.When the project was first announced, Nicolas Cage said:

After 43 years in the cinema, I am only now being invited to the important and storied Western genre with both ‘The Old Way’ and ‘Butcher’s Crossing’. Being born and raised in the West, this is another good match and long overdue. I’m excited and compelled by the complex characters of both Briggs and Miller, and finding a new reason to play at 57 is truly galvanizing.

What were you thinking The old way clip? Want to see Cage’s first foray into the Wild West? The old way coming to selected cinemas January 6followed by a PVOD release on January 13.

Of course, you can’t talk about Nicolas Cage today without mentioning it Renfieldthe upcoming horror comedy in which he stars Count Dracula. The film is based on an original story by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and focuses on Renfield (Nicholas Hoult), who has grown sick and tired of centuries spent as Dracula’s lackey. He finds a new life and maybe even redemption when he falls for the frantic, perpetually angry traffic officer Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina). Chris McKay directed the film based on a script by Ryan Ridley. The film received a R rating to “bloody violence, some shit, language throughout and some drug use.” That first trailer to Renfield was released earlier today and it looked to be a lot of fun, with Cage having an absolute ball as the immortal bloodsucker.

Renfield coming to the cinema April 14, 2023.

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