The Offering trailer: Nick Blood, Emm Wiseman horror film opens in theaters in January

In early 2021, we heard that filming was underway A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio director Oliver Park’s horror thriller Abyzou, which is said to be “loosely based on a Jewish folktale”. Five months ago, it was announced that Decal had picked up the US distribution rights to the Millennium Media production and planned to give the film a theatrical release later this year. Now we know exactly when Decal will release the film – and it won’t be until the end of this year, but it’s not that far off. Abyzouwhich now goes by the less unique title The offerwill hit theaters in more than 20 US markets on January 13Th. It will be available on VOD the same day. In anticipation of this release, one more trailer The offer has arrived online and can be viewed in the embed above.

Screenplay by Hank Hoffman, who did the story with Millenium’s Jonathan Yunger, The offer has the following synopsis: The son of a Jewish undertaker returns home hoping to be reconciled with his Orthodox father with his pregnant wife in tow. But his intentions are put to the test when the family mortuary receives the body of a mysterious corpse containing an ancient being with a sinister plan for his unborn child.

Here’s another synopsis: In the wake of the disappearance of a young Jewish girl, the son of a Hasidic mortician returns home with his pregnant wife in hopes of reconciling with his father. Little do they know that right below them in the family morgue lurks an ancient evil with sinister plans for the unborn child inside a mysterious corpse.

The film stars Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones), Nick Blood (Agents of SHIELD), Emma Wiseman (Winchester), Allan Corduner (Fatherland), Daniel Ben Zenou (Leather), and Jodie Jacobs (The West End’s The Rock of Ages). The offer was produced by Hoffman, Yunger, Jeffrey Greenstein, Les Weldon, Sam Schulte and Yariv Lerner of Millennium Media, with the company’s Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, Boaz Davidson and Tanner Mobley serving as executive producers.

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