The Grinch gets a horror parody in ‘The Mean One’ trailer

I always thought Jim Carrey was the Grinch Dr. SeussHow the Grinch Stole Christmas was strange and creepy enough. But for those who want to go full horror this Christmas, there is now The ringa horror parody of Seuss’ Christmas classic.

First announced to a confused but curious public a few months ago, the film stars David Howard Thornton, none other than Art the Clown from Terrify 2, as “The Mean One.” And who is the bad guy? Well, here to explain is the movie’s trailer, which reveals a survivor of the Mean One’s killer-hit decades earlier returning to “Newville” with the goal of avenging Mom’s murder:

The announcement of this project went viral on social media, in a very similar way to the curiosity about what was to come Winnie the Pooh horror spoof Blood and honey. Whether the online buzz will translate to box office or digital rental remains to be seen, of course. But if these movies do well, there seems to be no limit to the beloved childhood classics that couldn’t be faked. (I’d like to see one of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; that movie is already basically a slasher movie for kids anyway.)

Here is The ringofficial synopsis:

One Christmas Eve, in a sleepy mountain town, Cindy’s mother is killed and her Christmas stolen by the evil one, a bloodthirsty green growl in a red Santa suit. 20 years later, Cindy returns to Newville, where the monster launches another bloody reign of terror that threatens to ruin Christmas. Now Cindy has a bold new purpose: to capture and kill The Mean One.

The ring is slated to open in theaters on December 9.

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