Reviews of ‘The Last Of Us’ call it the best video game adaptation

Video game fans have grown accustomed to disappointment whenever their beloved art form is adapted movies and TV series. They always go bad. But it seems like The last of us is the very rare exception to the rule.

The new HBO series version of the hugely popular PlayStation series has received almost universal acclaim from the first group of critics to sample the show. Several reviewers are calling it the best video game adaptation of all time, and even those who don’t go that far are calling it an extremely well-crafted and exciting zombie series with a couple of excellent lead performances from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. If they have any complaints so far, it’s that the show is arguably also true to the games as if you have seen Super Mario Bros. or Doom doesn’t feel like the worst thing in the world.

Here is a selection of The last of us reviews so far:

Stephen Kelly, BBC:

It doesn’t even feel controversial to call this the best video game adaptation ever made.

Dave Nemetz, TVLine:

Delivers all the nail-biting action we expect from the genre, but also makes sure to ground it in authentic human emotion.

Ross Bonaime, Collider:

Brings one of the greatest video game stories to life in a beautiful new way.

Valerie Ettenhofer, /Movie:

By the time it reaches its glorious third episode, “The Last of Us” is in full rip-your-heart-out mode.

AA Dowd,

If nothing else, the show is a triumph of casting and performance.

Simon Cardy, IGN:

Suspense from the first episode to the last.

Josh Wilding, Cartoon movie:

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are incredible.

Daniel D’Addario, Variety:

What works about “The Last of Us” works well enough to see the near future where the show ends up among the best on television.

Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter:

The third episode is what elevates The Last of Us from a horror romp to something verging on truly special.

Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair:

Well-made TV that rises a little above some of its genre peers.

Judy Berman, Time:

Well done – but something is missing.

Pat Brown, Slant magazine:

Relying far too heavily on material taken directly from the game, as if simply removing the stealth and combat elements of the gameplay was sufficient to adapt it for television.

The last of us premieres on HBO and HBO Max on January 15.

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