The Kingdom Exodus: Lars Von Trier TV series comes to Mubi streaming service

In 1994, Lars von Trier was inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and the French miniseries Phantom of the Louvre (aka Belphegor) to create a Danish TV mini-series called Kingdomor Realm. A sequel miniseries followed in 1997, then von Trier and Kingdom collaborator Niels Vorsel wrote the scripts for a third and final miniseries. Unfortunately, the third miniseries was never able to go into production because several members of the show’s cast died within a short period of time. Back in December 2020, we heard that the show would return for five episodes, with von Trier directing all five episodes. The revival is called Exodus of the Kingdom – and The Hollywood Reporter has brought the news that arthouse streaming service Mubi has acquired the rights to bring Kingdom Exodus to North America, Great Britain, Ireland, Latin America, Turkey and India.

This is the first TV series that Mubi, which is focused on movies, has ever acquired. Mubi has also acquired the first two Kingdom series, which have been restored in never-before-seen director’s cuts.

Set in a state-of-the-art hospital that also happens to be haunted, Kingdom combines surreal horror with slapstick comedy and a twisted mystery plot. Exodus of the Kingdom follows Karen, a sleepwalker and possessed Kingdom series viewers who are desperately trying to find the answers to the series’ unresolved questions. One night, in a deep sleep, she wanders into the darkness and ends up in the Kingdom Hospital.

Exodus of the Kingdom stars Asta Kamma August, Mikael Persbrandt, Lars Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Tuva Novotny, Alexander Skarsgård and David Dencik. Presented by Scandinavian streamer Viaplay and Danish public broadcaster DR, the revival was produced by Louise Vesth for Zentropa Entertainments, with NENT Group and DR as co-producers.

Exodus of the Kingdom will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and will reach the Mubi service this fallstreaming on a weekly episodic basis.

Mubi founder and CEO Efe Cakarel had this to say about the acquisition:

Mubi is now home to Kingdom – an incredible show, and the first TV series published by Mubi. Ever. We want to bring more great artistic visions to as many people as possible – whether it’s through movies or series. Kingdom is the perfect first show to introduce episodic storytelling to Mubi and marks one of our biggest steps forward as a company.”

Back in 2004, Kingdom received an American remake called Rigshospitaletwhich was led by Stephen King. King was provided with the scripts that were written for the unproduced third miniseries, but it is unknown if he actually worked ideas from those scripts into Rigshospitalet.

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