The Fabelmans poster presents a cinematic walk down Memory Lane to Spielberg’s next emotional epic

Before Steven Spielberg‘s The Fabelman family coming to Toronto International Film Festivalis time for the PR machine to work its magic with a new promo for the film. The Fabelman family the poster takes a stylish look at Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical feature and presents a series of stills shot on rolls of film. If you look closely, you can see footage of Paul Dano’s Burt Fabelman, Seth Rogen’s Benny, Gabriel LaBelle as Sammy Fabelman, Julia Butters as Anne Fabelman, and Michelle Williams as Leah Fabelman. The images depict different stages of Sammy’s journey towards discovering his love for film.

The Fabelman family, set in postwar Arizona, centers on a young man’s discovery of a crushing family secret and an exploration of the power of film to help us see the truth about each other and ourselves. Jeannie Berlin, Robin Bartlett, Keeley Karsten and Judd Hirsch also star in the drama written by Spielberg and Tony Kushner. David Lynch, Mateo Zoryon Francis-DeFord, Birdie Borria, Alina Brace, Sophia Kopera, Oakes Fegley, Sam Rechner, Chloe East, Jonathan Hadary and Isabelle Kusman make up the rest of the cast.

You can check out The Fabelman family poster below:

The Fabelmans poster, Steven Spielberg, TIFF

The history about The Fabelman family is based on Spielberg’s family and upbringing, giving fans of the iconic filmmaker a loose interpretation of his early days. Until a trailer for the movie drops, The Fabelman family the poster presents a clear window into the actor’s transformations into their respective characters. The wheels also feature a soothing sepia tone, giving each frame a nostalgic, sun-kissed look.

I am excited to check this movie out. Spielberg is a legend and I think the semi-autobiographical approach to the material is unique and exciting. What do you think of the concept? The Fabelman family? Excited to get a cinematic glimpse into Spielberg’s early days? How closely do you think the film will reflect the actual events? Let us know in the comments section.

The Fabelman family comes to TIFF on Saturday, September 10th and plays in select theaters on November 11th. The film also gets a wide release in theaters everywhere on Thanksgiving.

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