Stephen King’s The Dark Half Video Game Revisited – Horror Game Review

A new episode of the JoBlo Horror Originals video series Playing with fear has just been released, and in this episode of the video game-themed show, we’re looking at a game I didn’t even know existed until just now: a video game that was inspired by Stephen King novel The dark half (buy it HERE) and released in 1992, coinciding with the release of George A. Romero’s The dark half movie (get it HERE). To find out all about this game, check out the video embedded above.

According to Wikipedia, The dark half is a game where

Thad Beaumont must stop his killer alter ego George Stark. The game is a graphical adventure where the user interface commands appear on the screen as keys on a typewriter, while the text appears on paper coming out of the typewriter. Thad can pick up items and the player’s graphical inventory can display over 35 items.

Episodes in Playing with fear series roofs

a look at the most impactful, successful and terrifying video games throughout the medium’s history and determine whether they’re still worth playing today.

Playing with fear is written and narrated by Andrew Hatfield, edited by Tyler Nichols, produced by John Fallon, and executive produced by Berge Garabedian.

Did you know there was a video game based on The dark half? Have you ever played it? Share your thoughts on them in the comments section below.

The previous episode of Playing with fear can be seen below, along with a Best horror movie you’ve never seen video we did at Romero’s The dark half. To see more and to see the other video series we have to offer, head over to JoBlo Horror Originals YouTube Channel – and subscribe while you’re there!

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