The Boys: Season 3 “Herogasm” episode generates some wild social media reactions

The much talked about “Herogasm” episode of The boys is finally here, and despite coming from a show that has already shown that it can shock and be completely disrespectful, it seems that the popular Prime Video series is shocking its fans in a way that it has not done since it made its debut.

The “Herogasm” section has been hyped as “One of the more graphic hours of mainstream television that I think anyone will ever watch,” by series creator Eric Kripke. Sometimes that hype can be hard to live up to, but I just watched the episode early this morning, and yes, my eyes, can not see the things I just saw, but kudos to the team for going all-in with that and for Prime Video to let this episode be what it is. Most importantly, despite the episode’s shock value and spectacle, it offers some amazing character arcs, and it really moves the story forward. The boys’ greatest strength is that it can shock and awe, while remaining 100% dedicated to giving its characters more depth. It reflects the reactions on social media as well. Fans recognize not only is this is the best episode of the season, but probably the best in the series so far because it mixes so much of what The boys performs best.

Kripke let it be known that they would adapt one of the comics’ most controversial arcs, as in the source material, depicts an annual party held for Supes that allows them to gather and throw a super-powerful orgy under the guise of a world-threatening threat. The episode changes some things from the story by having two members of Payback, TNT Twins, hold the event in their home. The intention is for Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Butcher (Karl Urban) to go there with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) so he can get revenge on his former teammates, but things are definitely taking a turn. And by that I mean TURN! In the midst of all this is the first confrontation between Soldier Boy and Homelander (Antony Starr), who play against the backdrop of this Supes-driven orgy. What do fans think of the episode? You can check out some of those reactions on social media below!

What are YOUR thoughts on the “Herogasm” section of The boys?

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