The Arrow in the Head Show continues to rock with the 1985 Italian horror classic Demons

It’s time for a new episode of The arrow in the head Showand in this one, our hosts John “The Arrow” Fallon and Lance Vlcek look back at the 1985 Italian horror classic Demons (see it HERE), a movie that not only has some cool ghoul action, but also has a rocking soundtrack. That soundtrack includes the likes of Billy Idol, Mötley Crüe and Saxon. To hear what The Arrow and Lance had to say about Demonscheck out the video embedded above!

Directed by Lamberto Bava from a script he created with Dardano Sacchetti, Franco Ferrini and producer Dario Argento, Demons has the following synopsis:

Demons takes place in an old mysterious cinema where all patrons have been invited by a creepy disfigured man who distributes cinema tickets. The surprise attraction is a horror movie, several patrons are disgusted by the picture, a brutal stalk and slash centering on demonic possession and graphic murder. Meanwhile, a young girl who cut her face on an exhibition mask in the foyer begins to undergo a hideous transformation into a snarling demon, she contaminates her companion and panic spreads throughout the cinema.

The film stars Urbano Barberini, Natasha Hovey, Karl Zinny, Paola Cozzo, Nicoletta Elmi, Fiore Argento, Geretta Giancarlo and Michele Soavi with Bobby Rhodes as Tony the Pimp.

Here is some information about The arrow in the head Show:

We’re trying something a little new here at Arrow In The Head. After many years behind the scenes, we’ve decided to take our sarcastic, boozy style into the video age with That Arrow In The Head Show! Hosted by John Fallon aka The Arrow and Lance Vlcek, we’ll dig into not only the latest horror movies to hit the big and small screens, but also delve into the good, bad and ugly of horror from the golden age of the 80s to and with understated 90s and maybe a little beyond.

Somewhat groovy and a little rough around the edges, we’re here to talk shop with a drink in hand, some foul language and a whole lot of heart.

That Demons episode of the show was edited by Lance.

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