Svalta: Nick Frost, Lena Headey star in serial killer thriller

Previously played a married couple in the 2019 film Fighting with my familyNick Frost and Lena Headey will now reunite in the serial killer thriller Starve, which is expected to start filming in Finland later this year. The Dutch film duo Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil will direct Starvebased on a script Frost himself wrote.

Starve will follow

a family on their summer vacation to a remote island with a dark past. There they discover that a serial killer is on the loose, and unfortunately for them, the hostile locals have no interest in helping them.

Wayward Entertainment, Resolute Films, Film Service Finland and XYZ Films are producing Starve with Frost making the following statement to Deadline:”Take a gentle English family and send them on holiday to a small Swedish island full of lunatics. Simple. Not so much Nuts in May. More ‘Nuts in Mayhem’. After working with Lena in Fighting with my family I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the world wanting to play Susan. So I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that not only had she read the script, but she actually liked it enough to do me the great honor of saying yes and being my on-screen wife again.

Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil have previously directed the films New Kids Turbo, New Kids Nitro, Bro’s Before Ho’s, and Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman. They also created the TV show Random shit.

We heard about first Starve back in 2019, at which point Frost’s frequent collaborator Simon Pegg was to produce the film with him, and James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders were to co-write the screenplay. But judging by the Deadline report, it doesn’t appear that Pegg, Serafinowicz, or Saunders are still involved in Starve at this stage.

How do Starve sound for you? Are you a fan of Nick Frost and/or Lena Headey? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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