Streets of Rage: Lionsgate Lines Up Its Dukes for Derek Kolstad’s SEGA Video Game Adaptation

Lionsgate is ready to hit the streets and consume floor chicken dinners for Derek Kolstad‘s adaptation of SEGA video games Rage’s streets. Kolstad, who created John Wick franchise, writing the rough-and-tumble adaptation based on the ’90s 2-D beat ’em-up brawler.

Brady Fujikawa and Jon Humphrey are overseeing the project for Lionsgate, with Shuji Utsumi and Toru Nakahara overseeing Sega. Dmitri M. Johnson manages dj2 Entertainment’s involvement, with Tony Shaw leading Escape Artists.

“When Dmitri first mentioned the idea of ​​cracking one Rage’s streets movie, I was so immediately scared. And playing with Sega? The 10-year-old me is still laughing.” Kolstad said.

“The game has a rich world and narrative, and we’re thrilled to be reuniting with Derek to bring it to life.” added Erin Westerman, President of Production at Lionsgate Motion Picture Group.

Before you roll your eyes at the thought of Rage’s streets to provide a rich world with complex characters, remember that Nakahara produced Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and serves as producer for Sonic Prime. Sega’s Blue Blur is a quick money maker on the silver screen and games consoles that give weight to Rage’s streets‘s success. other than that Rage’s streets provides the perfect setup for a sprawling action story filled with exciting enemies and charismatic heroes. Who doesn’t want to see brawlers like Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Cherry Hunter and Adam Hunter kick ass and take names?

Rage’s streets follows a group of vigilantes fighting their way through the city. As well as being filled with violent criminals, the vigilantes are also pursuing an evil mob boss. While cleaning up the streets, the characters encounter various gangs and stumble along their journey.

i used to play Rage’s streets in roller rinks and pizzerias before owning the game series on consoles. Rage’s streets gets the 2-D beat ’em-up formula right in many respects. I hope the magic translates to the big screen as well.

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