Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy reacts to fan favorite character Eddie’s possible future on the show

Fans of Eddie might want to brace themselves. As Stranger Things season 4 hit Netflix this summer, one of the most popular characters introduced this season was Eddie Munson, played by Justin Quinn. Eddie was an eccentric leader of The Hellfire Club, a Dungeons & Dragons group, and had been the subject of blame for the death of Vecna’s first victim. The character had a memorable Metallica scene in the season finale that left viewers reeling when he sacrificed himself for Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo.

Fans of the character would brainstorm many theories about Eddie’s possible return. A couple of popular ones would be that he could be turned into Vecna’s right-hand man, or that he was a figment of Dustin’s imagination. According to ScreenRantproducer Shawn Levy says it’s for naught, as it’s unlikely they’ll bring back the fan-favorite.

Levy replies,

“[Laughs] Oh boy, a lot of people – a lot of people – can’t even fathom the idea of ​​a Season 5 without an excuse for Eddie’s presence. Highly unlikely. Highly unlikely. But we hear you, world. We know. You are obsessed with Eddie. So were we.”

Eddie was ready to be the show’s sacrificial lamb, as previous seasons had also killed off popular supporting characters. This goes back to season one with Barb, as with Bob in season two of the show, and then Alexi in season three. Many people saw the writing on the wall that Eddie might not make it out this season.

Levy recently announced that they plan to expand the show to a shared universe. A spin-off, details of which have not yet been revealed, is already planned, as well as a stage show. Although Levy says Eddie is unlikely to return, it still leaves a glimmer of hope somehow.

Stranger Things can be streamed on Netflix, and season five is scheduled for a 2024 release.

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