Stranger Things Day: Celebrate the show’s phenomenon with a cinema and virtual experience!

Insert your Kate Bush cassette tape in your walkman. The fifth annual Stranger Things Day is upon us. The Netflix series-inspired holiday will be celebrated with some fun festivities for fans of the show. Stranger Things Day is celebrated on November 6, which coincides with the day Will Byers disappeared and everything started in the series in 1983. Netflix has hosted the event thanks to its loyal and passionate fan base and this year has a special treat in store.

The streaming service has announced special fan screenings on Stranger Things Day in a press release,
Theaters across North America are hosting screenings of Volume 2 of Season 4 Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022. Each screening will have trivia, giveaways and other surprises for super fans. They will be held in cities including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, Denver, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, DC, Seattle, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Florida and Toronto. Get your tickets now at!”

Netflix also plans for fans to celebrate from home and allow them early holiday shopping, Also get excited about: The first ever Immersive Watch Party on Roblox for the episode that started it all – S1, Ep 1! Special guests! Activations on Stranger Things: Experience and The Official Store. The latest and greatest when it comes to Stranger gear! And last but not least, keep an eye out for news in the world of Strangers!

Stay tuned for further information and more updates on all things Stranger Things Day as the week goes on. Follow along with Stranger Things social media accounts on Twitter @Stranger_ThingsInstagram @StrangerThingsTVand Facebook @StrangerThingsTV.

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